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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Silence is Consent

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first in their effort to tell me I am wrong. One is so redundant it is becoming boring. It is Obama’s fault. The second one is, I am not giving Trump a chance. Those two themes are ever present in any conservative’s argument. It does not stop there.

I have been told I do not know enough about the world. I do not do enough research on any subject. My thinking is supposedly wrong. I only look at liberal sites.  I just have to be wrong. All liberals think conservatives are racist and ignorant. I could go on about what conservatives think about us liberals.

The bottom line is this. If we do not speak up about what we believe is right, we are giving consent to their rhetoric. When Trump tried to put the travel ban in place, we thought it was wrong and spoke up. When he compared protestors to hate groups, we spoke up. When he kept making derogatory remarks about women, we spoke up. When he ordered the military to not allow transgender persons to serve, we spoke up.

Silence is consent. Inaction is action. We MUST speak up. We MUST defend those who are not considered equal by this administration. Now is not the time to sit back and take whatever is thrown at us. We have to take a stand. 

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Divider-in-Chief

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With all that has happened in the last week, we have to realize that our discontentment has come from the top. The last seventeen years have been fraught with many struggles in this country. What we need is steady leadership from our commander-in-chief but that is not going to happen with the current administration.

During George W. Bush’s administration, we endured one of the worst attacks on American soil we have had in recent modern history. The attack on 9/11 was horrific and almost brought the country to a standstill. It did in some ways. Planes were grounded for two weeks; rescue efforts with help coming from all across the country and the world, and confusion about what actually happened was the norm for many weeks and months after. During that time, President Bush was a rock for Americans. Although I did not agree with his policies, I felt he had it covered. He would lead. He did not waiver in his confidence that we would come through this trauma.

News reports were full of support for those closest to Ground Zero and we watched as our President and his administration led the effort to help those directly affected by this travesty.  He unified the country at Ground Zero by an extremely powerful statement. “I can hear you! The rest of the world hears you! And the people - and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon.” I was so proud to be an American that day.

When Barack Obama took office, he did so during another trying time for our country. 2006 was the year our financial crisis took hold and families were losing their homes at an alarming rate. Foreclosures were almost at Great Depression level. It has been called the closest recession we have come to seeing those levels. Unemployment was in double digits for more than a year.  Although it cost more than we could imagine, he got us on the track to recovery. Once again we had a leader in charge. He reassured us we would survive and thrive. And we have.

Trump has done his best to ensure we do not know what is real and what is not. He continually lies to keep us at odds and questioning everything. There is no leadership in his words or his actions. He accuses everyone of hating him because he did not win the popular vote. He continues to show us the bigoted side of his personality.

 He started with the birther accusation and continues with his responses to the Charlottesville attack. He continues with his pardon of Joe Arpaio, another racially biased person. He has banned transgender people from the military and no one knows if others will be discharged as well, turning away brave and courageous men and women who would die for us.

The bottom line is this. Trump is causing all the turmoil we find today in this country. He does his best to keep us at odds with each other so we will miss things he may have done. We need to keep our eyes open and on the ball.  We need to keep our eyes on the 2018 midterms and be prepared to make a change. We need to change the direction we are going with The Divider.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Trumpian Reality

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A few weeks ago I read a story about Trump as a young person. He had been playing baseball with other young boys. During that interview of one of those boys, he said Trump had hit the ball and made it on base. When retelling the story later, Trump said he hit it over the wall. When he was called on that lie by several other boys who were there, he simply smiled and said that he had it over the wall. The man being interviewed stated that the attitude and the lies never stopped as long as he was in school with him. That should have been a clue.

We were once again reminded of the Trumpian reality the past two weeks before, during, and after his Phoenix rally. His take on the Charlottesville horror was that “fine people” were on both sides of that rally. It did not matter to him the “Unite the Right” were shouting racial epithets and carrying weapons. Some of those same people used pepper spray against those who were protesting. It did not matter that another White Supremacist used a car to kill one protester and injure many others. On Tuesday he went on a rant during a press conference telling Americans how he really feels about his racial ideas.

During his Phoenix rally, he once again went after the very people he needs to move his agenda along. He also went after Jeff Flake and John McCain without saying their names. As the only two Senators from Arizona, it is hard to think of anyone else. He also went after the “fake media” again claiming they would not show his crowd. They did. After the rally, he claimed there were 15,000 people at his rally. The final count was 4,196. The sad part of this is that those who are supporters of him will believe what he says is true no matter what they are shown with pictures and words of the officials who were there. When he said he could kill someone on a famous New York street and get away with it, I think that might be true. Just because of blind supporters of his.

This last week has also shown his bigotry in very blatant ways. Two of these are so blatant he thought no one would notice because of Hurricane Harvey bearing down on Texas. It shows his thought process about who people are and what he admires about their values.

He pardoned Joe Arpaio. Yes, the Arizona sheriff who condoned racial profiling under his watch. Even after being told he was supposed to stop, by a court, he continued. The court found he continued to encourage this practice among his deputies. Keep in mind this is the same sheriff who ignored more than 400 sexual assaults in his jurisdiction. He is also one of the most vocal about President Obama’s birth certificate claiming it was forged and Obama was not an American citizen.  He also put Hispanics in jail who were here legally or were actual American citizens. Yes, that one.

Another blatantly bigoted action was the ban on transgender military. There is a question how far this one goes. It does not appear to affect current members as of yet. The question is whether he will go farther and include currently serving members. If someone who is transgender feels their calling is the military, they are not allowed to do so. Let us not forget Trump would not even serve in the National Guard. He had five deferments during Vietnam.  He attacked Richard Blumenthal on his exaggeration of his Vietnam service, but Blumenthal did join the National Guard which is more than Trump did.

His words and actions have shown his bigoted leaning philosophy, no matter what anyone else says. His supporters discourage any criticism of him or his words, saying instead he meant to say something else. We have been told we are supposed to believe what he says just to be told he did not mean what he said by those same people.

His reality is of his own making. He decides he is going to say something because he thinks we will all believe what he is saying. There is never evidence to back up those claims. It is something we have seen since he became a celebrity and has been shown all over the news for years. Apparently he has been using that same pattern since he was a child. It is a pattern of culture. His own father Fred, was charged with Unfair Housing practices regarding persons of African-American heritage. That is the culture he was raised in. Remember that when he speaks with his Trumpian reality.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Modern Democrats

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The Democratic Party is having an identity crisis these days. It is obvious from the elections of 2016; there is confusion as to what they stand for. They have earned that confusion. There are; however, some issues with how the right attacks them.

One of the most common accusations is the fact that early Democrats were against civil rights legislation. That is a fact. They did, in fact, oppose many civil rights actions. The last time they did; however, was 50 years ago. Since then they have become the party that includes everyone and not excluding anyone. The conservative party is now the Republicans.

Modern Democrats are more likely to support human rights as opposed to Republicans who want more conservative, or religious, ideals. Democrats are considered more accepting of different walks and lifestyles of everyone across the world while Republicans want to limit any ideas they feel are not religiously based. That seems to be more divisive than anything else we see.

I have included a link that shows how the Democrats have changed their votes and ideologies over the years. The votes will show some facts that I am not sure the conservatives want to see but they must acknowledge. These are incontrovertible evidence of how the Democratic party has changed and who is holding on to the old ways of thinking. We cannot move forward if we do not learn from our past. We cannot move forward if we do not change how we see the world. In that respect, we need to put ultra-conservative ideals in the past and look toward progressive ideals that are for the good of all. “Out of many, one.” E Pluribus Unum.The Democratic Party is having an identity crisis these days. It is obvious from the elections of 2016; there is confusion as to what they stand for. They have earned that confusion. There are; however, some issues with how the right attacks them.

One of the most common accusations is the fact that early Democrats were against civil rights legislation. That is a fact. They did, in fact, oppose many civil rights actions. The last time they did; however, was 50 years ago. Since then they have become the party that includes everyone and not excluding anyone. The conservative party is now the Republicans.

Modern Democrats are more likely to support human rights as opposed to Republicans who want more conservative, or religious, ideals. Democrats are considered more accepting of different walks and lifestyles of everyone across the world while Republicans want to limit any ideas they feel are not religiously based. That seems to be more divisive than anything else we see.

I have included a link that shows how the Democrats have changed their votes and ideologies over the years. The votes will show some facts that I am not sure the conservatives want to see but they must acknowledge. These are incontrovertible evidence of how the Democratic party has changed and who is holding on to the old ways of thinking. We cannot move forward if we do not learn from our past. We cannot move forward if we do not change how we see the world. In that respect, we need to put ultra-conservative ideals in the past and look toward progressive ideals that are for the good of all. “Out of many, one.” E Pluribus Unum. 

Friday, August 25, 2017

The Bully

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We have a bully in the White House. I know this is not a new idea; however, this one has the most powerful bully pulpit in the world. His party controls the Senate and the House but he cannot seem to understand they are not his employees he can order around. I heard many times how he was not a politician while he was campaigning and as a new politician. The problem is, he has not tried to understand that he does not have the final say.

We have oversights built into the system for a reason. The Russian sanctions are a perfect example. Trump did not want to sign the sanctions bill because he has some soft feelings for Putin. He had to be told that Congress can override his wishes. And he was not happy with that. What did he do? He lashed out at Congress. As per usual, he tried to bully them to do his bidding. He did not accomplish what he wanted.

It turned out to be one the best examples of bipartisanship we have seen in a very long time. For a short amount of time, parties did not matter and they were working together for the security of our country. This is what we need to move forward. We need to work together.

Trump did not stop there. He continued to attack Congress. Mitch McConnell is a favorite target of his these days, along with Jeff Flake. At his rally in Phoenix, he could not help himself and made snide remarks about Flake and John McCain. As one who had a family member battle brain cancer, I was disgusted. Not one time could he wish Senator McCain well in that battle?

He needs the very people he attacks to move his agenda forward. Now he is threatening a government shutdown if they do not fund his border wall. That would not affect him. It will affect every American except him. We will be paying for that wall. We will also pay the price for the downgrading of America’s credit rating. It also does not affect him. It affects us. He does not care about us.

We all need to wake up and understand that we cannot allow a bully to dictate what happens in this country, our country. We all need to tell him, in no uncertain terms, that we do not accept his pettiness and thin skin. We all need to tell him to start working FOR us and not against us. We cannot let a bully ruin this country. Maybe the tide is turning. We need to band together and let the White House know we are not going to let him win.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Age of Un-Reason

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I am repeatedly told that “us liberals” are just upset over losing the election. The problem is, “us liberals” are looking forward to the 2018 mid-term elections and the 2020 general elections. Are we still lamenting the loss of 2016? In some ways, yes. But not in the way conservatives think.

We are more concerned with the turn our country has taken since Trump came into office. We are now considered irrelevant by many of our allies because we do not have the backbone we once had. We now project weakness because we are being withdrawn from the commitments we made over the last 241 years. We are considered a security risk because Trump reveals top secret operations to Russia or through Twitter. We are considered too confrontational to be stable because of the words Trump has been saying about North Korea and Venezuela. These are real concerns that do not seem to affect his supporters at all.

Is it reasonable for us to be concerned? Yes, it is. Is it reasonable for us to criticize the current administration? Yes, it is. Is it reasonable to think that conservatives have no line that Trump can cross that would concern them? Yes, it is. Why do they feel we are being unreasonable?

Because we do not agree with them. They do not have any tolerance of others not like them. We are accused of attacking them; however, they have no problems with attacking us. They want to separate themselves from anyone who is different from them because they are the only ones who know what is right and what is wrong.

 We are told all is fake news with the exception of the news they give us. They believe everything Trump says except when it was said “sarcastically” or was not to be taken “literally”. They have their standards. Or should I say their “double standards”? Only conservative websites are telling the truth.

This is not the age of reason. It is, in fact, the age of un-reason.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Chaos Within

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The last two weeks have been two for the books in the White House. Trump has had six months to show us what he’s made of and we have received the message. He lives to have chaos around him and within him. He lives to have others think he is the greatest and expects total, and blind, worship from those same people.

The world judges us by those who lead us. They judge us by the actions our leader takes and the words that he, or she, speaks. They judge us by the ability of that person to make understandable and logical ideas come to life. In order for us to follow and respect that person, we have to believe what we are told. This administration does not instill confidence in me.

If we forget about the lies we have been told since he decided to run, we only have to look at the most recent events in this administration to understand the underlying problems. To begin with, Sean Spicer resigned only to be replaced by Anthony Scaramucci. The “Mooch” only lasted 10 days. Why? Because he went off on Reince Priebus in the most vulgar way.  Reince Piebus was actually gone by then. There seems to be a revolving door in regards to people Trump does not like anymore.

I actually feel somewhat sorry for Jeff Sessions. Yes, a liberal like me who opposed his appointment, feels sorry for him. He did the right thing. He did not know when he accepted the position that he would have to recuse himself. But Trump thinks he was supposed to be able to read the tea leaves and not accept the appointment. He should force Trump to do something. It will only make Trump look worse.

Yesterday we learned that Trump was hands on regarding the release of information about the meeting Don Jr. and Jared Kushner attended with the Russian lawyer. After all the denials, we are now learning the truth about that meeting and the cover-up that followed. Are his followers so blind they cannot see how disruptive and utterly devastating these facts are?

He has rendered us insignificant in the world. Our allies are no longer relying on us to support them in times of need. He has repeatedly said he wants to make America great again; however, his actions do not support that possibility. The actions and lies we hear on a daily basis show us he lives in a world unto himself and he thrives on the chaos within.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Global Community

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I had a conversation with a decidedly conservative older man yesterday and am still confused on how conservatives say “America First” with real conviction. The argument was that it was okay to tout the idea of growing American jobs by forcing companies to build factories here and hiring American workers. But it was still okay for Trump to import his products from overseas. The message is a mixed one.

If we are to “make America great again” by punishing companies who either move their production overseas or import from overseas, how can it be okay for Trump do the same? It does not compute for much of us who see how we interact globally.

We already live globally. With the internet and instant communication through computers, television, and phones, we find out about incidents that occur in real time. Remember Desert Storm and the Shock and Awe offensive? I do. We all watched it on CNN. At the time it was a groundbreaking news event, carried live for the world to see. We’ve only increased the ability to carry out world events live with instant reactions also available for the entire world to see and hear. To see what could happen without all that, just look at North Korea.

If the military did not have the ability to watch what North Korea is doing, we would not have any idea they were building bombs with the intention of striking whoever they choose. Right now it seems they want to threaten the U.S.  It could have worked because we do not have immediate access to any of their activities like we do in the rest of the world. Think of how that would affect us as citizens. An attack could come without any warning. Pearl Harbor comes to mind as an example. And although 9/11 happened, jets were scrambled much faster than happened at Pearl Harbor. The instant communication, and ability to respond immediately, was essential in that the White House was not hit. We do not know for sure how many other planes were planned on, but we do know they stood no chance on furthering that attack.

Since 9/11, there have been no more major attacks on American soil by terrorists that would lead to the number we lost on that day.  That is because of new internet capabilities involving the global community. Better ways of gathering intelligence that prevents many attacks from happening in the first place. It is because we are a global community whether conservatives want to admit it or not. If we become “smaller”, we open ourselves up to many more security issues because we cannot gather intelligence in the same way. We must have global allies or we cannot defend ourselves and we become targets.

The bottom line is that we cannot withdraw from the global community. It is too late for that and would be a huge security issue for us. We must build on making allies trust us and building on our trust of them. We cannot do that as an isolated country. It would be disastrous.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Hello Again!

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I haven’t been on here much lately and I know I need to get back into the groove in order to keep up with where my life is. So here goes.

Many things have changed since I was on the My Mad Mind blog. It went by the wayside when my life became busier and more stressful. I am hoping to change that and become more active on here.  If you read previous posts on here, you will know that I have been working on what I wanted this blog to actually be. The goal is to be more current and try to put some logic into the world we find ourselves in these days. You may here a bit about what is going on in my life and be surprised by some of it. Some will just be plain old me. I hope you enjoy and I look forward to interacting with you.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Comey vs Trump

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The last couple of weeks have been a rather extraordinary time in our history. The last time we were in this mess was when Clinton was being impeached over lying about a White House intern. Before that, it was Nixon and Watergate. Let’s take a look at the differences here.

When the Watergate scandal happened, there was an obvious criminal act that happened with the knowledge of the President. There were others involved in a cover-up that included attempting to use our highest law enforcement officials to stop the investigation. In addition, there were those who lied under oath about those events. Some of those players ended up serving prison terms for their participation and Nixon resigned in order to avoid impeachment. He was then protected by Ford who gave him a full pardon. In other words, it was a full-fledged mess.

During the Reagan years, we had the Iran-Contra scandal which resulted in illegal arms-for-hostages trade to Iran. Although the Boland Amendment was in place, those arms were given. Boland restricted the CIA and DOD operations in Nicaragua. This would have, effectively made it impossible to get seven hostages out of Iran. This was circumvented by a back door channel. It failed to get all of the hostages out of there. In the end, only Oliver North ever faced any backlash from it although he did not go to prison over it.

The Clinton-Lewinsky affair was different in that he was not charged with anything regarding his office. He was charged with perjury when he claimed under oath that he did not have sexual contact with that woman. He was impeached for lying under oath. No one else was involved. But Republicans were determined to “take him down”.

We are now faced with something different. We are all accustomed to politicians lying and twisting the truth when speaking to us. It’s how they get elected. They say what we want to hear and then we follow the one we believe the most. Trump is decidedly different from the norm.

Very seldom in our history has someone won the presidential election without winning the popular vote. That is exactly what he did. In the popular vote, Clinton won. In the electoral vote, Trump won. It has created a huge divide in this country that does not seem to have an end. It has caused families and friends to divide and stop speaking to each other. It has caused a rise in hate crimes and open hostility to others. Why?

Because we now have a resident in the White House that openly mocks the handicapped, the poor, and others who have different religions. He has given those who have those thoughts to feel as though they have been given the freedom to act on their feelings. In addition, he has lied repeatedly about facts in order to boost his own ego. Lie after lie after lie comes from his lips to the point we do not know what to believe. Even if we disagree with a president, we should be able to believe what tell us. He has no credibility. The only people who believe him are the base. Even some who voted for him do not believe him when he says something. What does all this have to do with Comey?

It comes down to credibility. Who is telling the truth? Because there is a litany of lies that Trump has stated during and after the election, there is no question. He continues to state “fact” without any proof of actuality. He then attacks anyone who does not agree with him. He attacks anyone who questions him. Because he acts like a child who lies constantly, no one believes him and they want proof of what he’s done.

The bottom line is this. We do not know what is true and what is lie. He refuses to provide evidence of what he claims is fact. He has been doing this for as long as he’s been in the public eye. Come on! 

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Shaking It Up

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I know I haven’t written for a while. Right now I feel like I’m “Up Jack Creek”.  Life feels like a rut. I do know that others have the same patterns in their lives so I’m not depressed. I’m just looking to shake things up a bit. How does someone do that?

The first thing you do is ask yourself what you want in life. That’s easy for me to respond to. I want a laid back sort of life. Time to relax is not something I really have now.

The second thing is find out who really wants you in their life. Are they making the effort or are you the one who calls, texts, and pays attention to their lives? If that’s what is going on, you need to narrow your list of contacts.

The third and final thing to do is take action. Well that’s what I’m going to do. I’m shaking things up and I’m starting today.

Never fear. I’ll make more political posts starting with tomorrow and my take on the recent events.  After all, I can’t change that. I wouldn’t really be me.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Face of Fascism

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I know this is a rather odd name for a blog but I think it’s fitting. If you look at the state we’re in, we are definitely in a pickle. The more that comes out about the happenings in the White House, the more I realize they have put us in a rather untenable position on the world stage. So I think we are Up Jack Creek without a paddle.

We need to understand the implications of the actions that are being made in the White House and in Congress. It is important to the future of our country. While Trump was elected through the electoral vote, he did not win the popular vote. That leaves almost 3 million voters who were not satisfied with the results. It definitely makes for a tough transition.

Too many of these actions are similar to what Mussolini started in the 1930’s which finally led to murder of 6,000,000 Jews and countless others in Europe during his reign. It started with continuous attacks on the media. Telling the masses that the news organizations that the news organizations were not reporting the truth, is discounting what the media were saying. It puts doubt in the minds of the people a government wants to control. It is repeated over and over again. Those who follow blindly will believe the news is trying to mislead them no matter how many times they are shown otherwise. This sets up the next step in the process.

There are the rallies that were held by Mussolini and now Trump. Mussolini used the rallies to persuade the masses that his message was the best there was. Those are the rallies we see in film reels from the time period. You know what I’m talking about. The films we see where the audience is standing up and cheering, we see the same pattern of Trump holding rallies after he’s already been elected. He knows what to say to get those attending on their feet and cheering. He talks about fake news, the raping and murdering Mexicans, and the radical, Islamic extremists. It is guaranteed to fire up the attendees. It sounds very much like Mussolini.

Mussolini took on a tactic that Hitler used brilliantly. Tell a lie so often that most people believe it. Create fear and untruths as reality instead of addressing them and using solutions to change what is wrong. That is the modus operandi of our current resident of the White House. He believes his own lies to the point he will not give up on any of them no matter what evidence is shown.

This is the face of fascism. This is the face of ruling by fear instead of intellectualism. Instead of being part of the global community, there is isolation and rejection of global ideas. Rejecting scientific data to prove what is real keeps control of fears that everyone has been spoon fed through the lies that are told. Insisting on repeating lies enough times to ensure that most believe them. Making the media the enemy by calling them fake news is part of this pattern. Because it continues, more and more people will follow his lead.

I have been told by his supporters that all liberals are just whining and should move on and get over it. For those of us who have learned history, the obvious problems are slapping us in the face. We understand the implications of his actions. We understand that this path we are is untenable in the world we live in.  We will lose allies. In fact, many of our allies are already making statements that should lead us to understand they are concerned about our current leader. It concerns me as well. It should concern all of us.

Our national security is at risk. The more countries unwilling to work with our government, the more open to security issues we face. Our loved ones abroad will be the first they attack. These actions put them at a higher risk of serious security breaches.  As someone who has family living overseas, I know I do not want to receive a phone call with horrible news.

We need to wake up and take action. We need to protest the current administration and send the message we want them to know. Keep protesting and contacting your Congressional representatives. We need to stand up before this country becomes the face of fascism.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Opposition Today

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With the recent ban on Muslims through an executive order, those of us who believe in freedom must be willing to speak out on behalf of our fellow human beings. This country was founded on freedom of religion, the right to free speech, and freedom of the press. All of these freedoms are being attacked as I write this. We need to speak up and act.

For those of us who are not in an area to participate in the marches, there are other avenues we can take.  Emails, phone calls, and Twitter are the most obvious tacks to take. And where do we start? Since he is in violation of the GSA’s requirements to divest of any part of the lease on the Old Post Office, we need start with the businesses he still owns.

Trump International Las Vegas - Phone: (702) 982-0000
Mar-A-Lago - Phone: (561) 832-2600
Trump International Hotel & Tower - Phone: (212) 299-1000

Because he still owns these businesses, we, the public, have a right to call and ask questions about policy. This can cause disruption to his businesses. I do not advocate badgering the employees who have to deal with phone calls. Calmly ask about the policies or actions that he has taken since taking office. There are more businesses that can be found online and I will continue to post those as soon as I can find them.
In addition to Trump’s businesses, we also need to hold our other elected officials accountable. Since we are all living in different areas now, we will need to call and email those officials that are elected in our state of residence.  Please keep the pressure on. We need to send a message that we will not sit back while they continue with business as usual.

Good luck and remember you are not alone in this fight.